Troubled Trent

April 2, 2008 at 7:58 pm | Posted in OhMidge Advice | Leave a comment

Oh Midge,

I’m in my 20’s without major responsibilities, I live a care free life-day to day; but I’m under constant pressure both to stay hip and be aware of the subtleties interpreting how I project my personality and how it reflects on others.

I have a hard time telling when people are being sarcastic. I’ll provide a recent example, the last four times I was asked what my favorite band is I said Blink 182. The responses were universally “oh, that’s wicked cool.”

Part of me likes Blink 182 a lot. I grew up listening to them, the lyrics connect to my life and emotions, but I know they’re trite so I don’t think everyone who responded thinks they’re cool.

This problem recurs in with different prompts all the time. I don’t want to assume what a person thinks of me based on the way they look, I like to expand my social horizons.

Oh Midge, please help me figure out when people are being sarcastic without broadly profiling them.

Trent -Mass




Calm yoself fool. It sounds like you’ve been watching too many episodes of “My So Called Life”. Why the hell did they only have one season?? Lame. It’s a great show, but you have to not turn into the hyper-analytical young adult. It’s not healthy and it doesn’t get you anywhere except to the pharmacy with a script for Zoloft. If you like Blink 182, whatever, you do and that’s the end of it. I doubt people are being sarcastic with you. If they were, they’d make sure you knew it. I think half of your generation, no matter what their high school clique was like, went to the Blink concerts and embraced the whole “I’m a kid and it’s hard and adults don’t understand” thing. It’s a pretty big joke in the first place, and you should embrace that too. Haven’t you noticed that the guys in the band are like 40? I know that was just an example, but I think it works for any situation. It’s all a pretty big joke. Anything people worry about and analyze and freak out about, is usual something minor that no one else is spending that much time thinking about. Don’t waste your time worrying about what other people are thinking about you and your responses and so forth, just keep having that carefree life and deal with stuff that actually matters.


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