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Oh Midge

Oh Midge

Oh Midge,

I want to be into the discordant and energized underground music scene. Yeah, I know Green Day, The Offspring and Blink-182, but I don’t know where to hear bands that aren’t on the radio or MTV. You seem pretty cool. Do you know about sub-stream punk rock bands so I can here some new tunes. I have 2,000 songs on my iPod and I can’t stand listening to any of them. Oh Midge, where can I find some new jams to kick with?

-Douglas From Dallas


Hey Douglas,

Yeah, you’re right. I am really cool and hip and happening and I can help you out with this little problemo with out even looking. I’m even going to hold my breath this whole time while I’m answering you. Believe it.

K, so first, you need to get used to saying you listen to “indie” music. That’s totally “rad” and it refers to independently produced or distributed bands. About your lame-O iPod, you need to clear it out and start fresh with some new stuff you can check out from the following sites: > Really pretentious over-educated white guys with glasses give daily reviews on college and indie bands. > More experimental and esoteric, less “indie” rock. Same geeky guy types run the site but they have a weekly podcast. > Also a magazine out of England that focuses on all music in the category of experimental.

For a list of fifty new bands you can listen go to: pitchfork. They are the top 50 albums of 2008 for indie rock, non-mainstream madness.

Have fun, Douglas!


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