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Oh Midge,

I need to save money and stay fabulous. Can you tell me when and what to buy in store brand products without looking like Cinderella.
For example, would it be cheaper to buy separate ingredients instead of pre-made trail mix?
I know i like the fancy chocolates. How could you eat a Hershey bar when there is the possibility of eating Godiva.
And I’d die if I bought Stop&Shop cereal! Those cartoons on their boxes are hideous.
But I need to make some serious cuts before my credit card gets declined buying milk and I’m eating cereal with water!

I have a Neiman Marcus credit card. Wouldn’t it be rude to use it at Marshalls?

– SoHo hobo desperate to remain enVogue


genericDear SoHo Hobo,

As a kid,  I often wondered whether there was a real difference between the branded products and the generic. While my friends were cool and hip with their Jell-O snacks and Adidas Sambas, I had to wear the Bradlees brand sneaker and bring Shaws brand pudding for lunch because my Mum refused to buy the more expensive alternatives.  When my friends came over and wanted something like Goldfish to eat, I could offer them the Job Lot alternative, “Whales”. Check out the photo. They weren’t that cool…whalesvgoldfish3

Anyway, I feel your pain. The truth is, the generic vs. brand product is all about advertising and money. Most of the time, there is absolutely no difference in quality between a generic product and the more popular and “cool”brand product. Oftentimes, they are even manufactured at the same facility, which means the true difference comes down to which company has more money to advertise their product. For instance, Goldifsh has the money to advertise and so their product may seem cooler but it will also be more expensive in order to pay for those ads. Get it?

When it comes down to it, brands don’t make you cool and fabulous. Your attitude is what makes you fabulous. You could serve a wonderful dinner, using only generic brand products and no one would know the difference as long as you presented it in a confident way.

Don’t be a consumer whore with no sense. Don’t waste money on some companies advertising and their “better” graphics.  To be a little generic myself, “the box doesn’t matter, it’s what’s inside.”

Sure, Godiva chocolates probably are a lot nicer than Hershey’s and that’s an actual difference between the ingredients. It’s OK to splurge once in a while and get the more expensive thing, but don’t do it when you’re buying the same exact product and paying more just for a name.

Oh, and and yeah, go ahead and make you own trail mix and use your Neiman Marcus card at Marshalls. No one cares. The clothes will be pretty much the same, just maybe a season late. No big deal if you can carry yourself like the SoHo Social you are and not the brainwashed bum you used to be!


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