Ghost Hunting Shows

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So, I am totally all about ghosts and the paranormal. I have been for years. I listen to Coast to Coast AM, know all about EVP devices, and have had my share of paranormal, out of this world, experiences. Of course, when I started seeing all the ghost shows on T.V. I was beside myself with joy. Utter joy, I tell you. The sad thing though, with all my enthusiasm and excitement, I am let down time and time again.

Ghost Hunters is the worst.taps1

First of all, they are just lame in general. They call themselves T.A.P.S., as if that’s gonna make them cool, and they have gossipy clique fights the entire show. Second, no ghost or paranormal stuff EVER happens. I have seen enough episodes to know that they actually NEVER have anything paranormal happen. The whole show is a bunch of geeks bickering with each other and trying to act macho. It’s like torture to watch, but you have to watch it. You just hope, every time, that in this episode, something awesome will happen.It never does.

There’s another one called, Paranormal State on A&E. I love this show and I have a crush on the main guy Ryan. It’s kind of a fake crush, kind of completely serious. They have psychics come on and often times have unexplained paranormal stuff that really does happen. The two best parts, aside from the ghost stuff, are two people they have on the show. The first is Chip Coffey. He’s their favorite psychic and he’s so wonderfully gay and glorious. The second is one of the team member’s named Elfie. She is the Pagan Withcraft Warrior. She’s great because although she is a native English speaker ( to the best of my knowledge), she cannot for the life of her speak in a coherent way. They actually give her subtitles whenever she mumbles something. Paranormal State is on every Monday night at 10 pm and they actually show 4 episodes in a row. It’s like a celebration.

Let’s be serious though for a second. All these shows try to prove or disprove the existence of the paranormal in a given situation. Wouldn’t it be on the news if they actually did find a ghost and could prove it? Seriously? Fox News would love to rheem a ghost’s ass on tv.

Here’s a scary youtube video of an alleged ghost hitch-hiker:


Infuriating Devil People and Heaping Spoons of Schei├če

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I recently wrote about the lies the media “reports” to it’s viewers. Since then, I’ve been thinking about what they do aside from spreading lies. What kinds of stories are listed as “Breaking News”?

How completely insane and absolutely ridiculous is 99% of the news on t.v. and in papers these days? We have a war going on and an economy so low it’s mind blowing, and all the so called reporters can talk about is how many babies some freak had and whether Google Earth can help you find buried treasure. I’ll admit, the latter subject is quite interesting, but seriously? Is that “breaking news”? Shoot me!

What other hot topics have we had this month?

Oh my goodness! Michael Phelps was caught smoking from a “cannabis pipe”? Yes! He was. Which quite simply means that marijuana is not a big deal and that the way our country judges marijuana is wrong! If a guy can smoke pot ( an illegal drug) like he means it and then go win 14 Olympic gold medals, then obviously we have a problem on our hands. Either the Olympics are wicked easy to win, or Phelps smokes superman spud. Yes. Superman Spud.

I doubt the guy could be a drunk and get that done. How backwards is that?! This shouldn’t be some shame on you story, this should be a big wake-up call to all the people in our country who still believe marijuana is an evil, debilitating, drug. I’m not saying that people should spend the day smoking weed at twenty minute intervals. I’m saying that it shouldn’t be against the law to use marijuana in a responsible manner. Smoking a joint with your friends is perfectly responsible behavior and anyone who disagrees has been brainwashed with fear.

Sadly, fear is pretty much all we get from the news today. It’s very hard to find an article written in an objective tone. They almost all direct the audience into a certain conclusion. Instead of any real truth or information, we get blasted with bullshit non-stop.


The most disgusting and offensive part of the news today though are those sick and twisted Soldiers of Satan, like Nancy Grace. They put on an heir of concern and then just feed their audience gruesome, gratuitous details of murder and shit. They manipulate their viewers and then force in the heaping spoon-fulls of paranoia. Infuriating!! The woman has no soul. If there is a hell, she will be there!


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