Watch Documentaries and Stop Being Dumb

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Here are a list of really interesting and entertaining documentaries. I have seen all of the ones I list, so I’m giving you a real opinion by a person with a pretty low tolerance for bullshit.


World War II: The War by Ken Burns –

Comic Book Artist: Crumb about the twisted, yet renowned artist Robert Crumb –

Alternative Health: The Beautiful Truth

Alternative HealthCare: The Business of Being Born

New Age Thinking: The Secret

Social and Political: Jesus Camp

Social and Cultural: Cocaine Cowboys

Social and Political: Bowling for Columbine

9/11 Conspiracy: Loose Change


Don’t Even Go There!

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Here are some phrases I have despised since childhood because either they don’t make any real sense or because the people who say them are usually painfully gross is some way or another. Please enjoy their cringe factor and feel free to add some of your own in comments.


– Most, if not all of these, should be pronounced with a Boston accent for the full effect! –

  • Quit bein’ smart!
  • I am so sick and tired of … !
  • I have had it up to here (motion to some height) with you!
  • Don’t even go there!
  • Oh, don’t you even.. !
  • Oh, no Sir!
  • Quit joshin’ around!
  • Oh, isn’t that cunnin’!

There are also the hideous abbreviations people like to put on certain products and locations. For example:

  • I’m gonna go run and pick somethin’ up at Cumby’s.
  • Do you want to grab something at Micky-D’s?
  • thing-a-ma-jig/bob

I know I’m missing a lot of them. Help me out kids.

Shampoo vs. Conditioner – The Winner Takes All

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What is better: Shampoo vs. Conditioner?

shampoo1 shampoo2

As a woman historically with very long hair, I am going with CONDITIONER all the way to the flippin’ bank. It’s no joke. Shiz is the bomb dig.

Shampoo is drying and just plain lame all around.

Dare to disagree?

Best 90’s TV

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K, so I have been asked to give my humble, yet internationally recognized and respected, opinion on what TV shows were awesome in the 1990’s. While researching the subject, I came up with five (5) programs I deem to be the most influential in my life during that wondrous decade. (This is MY opinion, after all).

dawson jaredleto19941 doug_02b 042407xfiles

I’m going to ahead and say that my top favorite TV shows of the 90’s were:

My So Called Life – “One season of irresistibly amazing, true to life, teenage drama. A total masterpiece!! Two pubescent erections up!” – Oh Midge

Dawson’s Creek – “A program to model one’s life after.” – O.M.

The X-Files – “Changed my life for the better and introduced me to my best friend.” – Midge a.k.a “Scully”

Seinfeld – “What’s their to say? It’s a family pleaser.” – lil midge

Rugrats and Doug – ” So awesome!! I still watch them!” – Developmentally Retarded 24 year old

I didn’t put those puppies in any certain order because I’m depending on my faithful readers to do that job. Do it!

Also add if you dare to believe my list of five needs corrections…

Pans Labyrinth Maze of Longing

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My boyfriend and I are huge movie watchers. Almost every night we’re home, we watch a movie before bed. Recently, it’s been a little tough to figure out what we’d like to see. We have Netflix which is awesome because now you can just plug your  comp to your tv and watch a ton of movies instantly with reasonably good resolution. Even with a bunch of good titles to choose from, I still struggle with what to watch.

He’ll ask me, “So do you want Horror? Drama? Comedy? Foreign, what?”

Every night, I think to myself, “I want Pans Labyrinth”. “Something like Pans Labyrinth.”pan-2

I love pretty much anything Guillermo Del Toro does. He’s just absolutely awesome and the movie is perfect for a number of reasons. If you haven’t seen it, you need to.

If you love it, see “The Orphanage” afterwards. It’s also really great and scary.

What are the hottest sports respectably for guys and gals?

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That’s my question!

I think Hockey playing guys are pretty damn hot. All the pushing each other and aggression tied with the sensitivity of gliding on ice plays nicely to create a pretty perfect idea of the man.

Baseball players are really hot too. It’s really as simple as that.594744

I think in the end my list for guy sports is as follows:   Baseball, Soccer, Hockey

Now for women, what’s the hottest sports to play?

I’m not much of a sport player but I have a big crush on dancers. Graceful and determined and really beautiful bodies. Swimmers can be a little top heavy and soft ball players are kind of questionable all around. Gymnasts seem a little too feeble with their skinny arms and dwarfish-ness.

I would like some input on the subject. Please let me know what you think.

Congrats Grad!

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Job hunting can ruin your life. First of all, in this economy, it’s almost impossible to find a job. period

Then, when you do find a job and the people are interested, you’re lucky if you have a shred of dignity left in yourself after the interview. You may have just sold your soul for $10 an hour at a scummy coffee joint in the bad part of town. Really?

You start wondering if you did something to deserve this fate…. Did you become a crack addict at age 14 and drop out of high school and lived under a bridge in East Boston for a bit? NO

Did you maybe go to college and then get knocked up and settle down in Jersey with some fat kid you wished didn’t exist? NO

OK, so then why am I searching Craigslist ads and getting excited when I see a job offering more than 8 bucks an hour? WHY?

You realize, after way too long of a while, that it’s actually not you. It’s everything else other than you. You are free to still think highly of yourself and just deal with a bad financial situation for about a year, according to Obama.

Congrats Grad!!!

Una Fork-e-tata

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So what the hell is the deal with department stores and just any big store these days? Seriously!!?


I was in Target today and it was like all I could do to not kill somebody! They must be cutting back on their staff, along with Best Buy. Both of these places were like little slices of hell. It was plum near impossible to find someone to help you at either place. Then when you did find someone and ask them your simple question, you were lucky if they had any clue what the hell you were talking about. I was passed off to three different people today at Best Buy, all of whom had no idea what they were talking about and when they finally did figure something out, the product wasn’t even available. Seriously? Can I slaughter you now?

LA vs. NY

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Some of you know that I recently moved from New York City to Los Angeles. I drove cross country with two kittens, a beta fish, and a boyfriend in my 4-door sedan. It was a glorious trip. We had tons of fun and I think I put on at least 5 pounds in Hot Fries and drinks with way too much added sugar.

We decided to move from NY to LA for a number of reasons. One, we both had always wanted to live in LA at some point and after years of freezing our asses off in dirty and congested NY, we decided we might as well make the change sooner  rather than later. We also like the energy more in NY. That’s right, “the energy”. (I was like this even before I moved to California). NY is so rushed and frantic and stressed out. LA is much slower and simpler and more zen.

Financially, LA is cheaper and greener and you get the ocean and the moutains, a nice place with a bedroom,  a full kitchen, a true to life living room and dining room, a yard with a fence and the mountains right around you, for $2,200 less than the hole you lived in on 1st and 1st with two people you couldn’t stand and some cockroaches. Gross!


I went back to NY about a month ago for a wedding and was so completely horrified that i had lived there for so long. Yes, my college was there and I am really glad I lived in NY, but goodness gracious! I can’t believe I survived that long! My boyfriend, Jeff, lived there for 15 years! He did the time and he’s glad he did too, but now it’s nice to be in a place a little less chaotic.


People seem to be more friendly here and they wear more colors. The bagels and the coffee are not as good and I still haven’t found a good pizza place, but I really only like Papa Gino’s anyway. Maybe I should try to get them to start some locations out here…

It’s true, I think, that education is valued less on this coast. On the East Coast there all these colleges and people are proud of having gone to school. Here, school never really comes up. Experience and who you know, are more valued here, and that can kind of blow when you just moved here and you don’t know many people. Unemployment just went up in California. Now, 1 out of 10 people in the state is unemployed. That’s pretty damn high!

I was watching Forensic Files last night though, and they said that 60% of people in the Philippines were unemployed at some point in the 90’s. That’s really really high, so I should just get over it.  I should be happy I can go down to Yum Yum Donuts and get better donuts than the “It’s Time To Make The Donuts” guy ever dreamed of.

Be at peace, and put all anxious thoughts and worries aside.

I would love to hear what you all think about each city. Which one you prefer, etc.

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