Una Fork-e-tata

March 5, 2009 at 3:32 am | Posted in OhMidge Advice | Leave a comment

So what the hell is the deal with department stores and just any big store these days? Seriously!!?


I was in Target today and it was like all I could do to not kill somebody! They must be cutting back on their staff, along with Best Buy. Both of these places were like little slices of hell. It was plum near impossible to find someone to help you at either place. Then when you did find someone and ask them your simple question, you were lucky if they had any clue what the hell you were talking about. I was passed off to three different people today at Best Buy, all of whom had no idea what they were talking about and when they finally did figure something out, the product wasn’t even available. Seriously? Can I slaughter you now?


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