Best 90’s TV

March 26, 2009 at 12:55 am | Posted in OhMidge Advice | Leave a comment

K, so I have been asked to give my humble, yet internationally recognized and respected, opinion on what TV shows were awesome in the 1990’s. While researching the subject, I came up with five (5) programs I deem to be the most influential in my life during that wondrous decade. (This is MY opinion, after all).

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I’m going to ahead and say that my top favorite TV shows of the 90’s were:

My So Called Life – “One season of irresistibly amazing, true to life, teenage drama. A total masterpiece!! Two pubescent erections up!” – Oh Midge

Dawson’s Creek – “A program to model one’s life after.” – O.M.

The X-Files – “Changed my life for the better and introduced me to my best friend.” – Midge a.k.a “Scully”

Seinfeld – “What’s their to say? It’s a family pleaser.” – lil midge

Rugrats and Doug – ” So awesome!! I still watch them!” – Developmentally Retarded 24 year old

I didn’t put those puppies in any certain order because I’m depending on my faithful readers to do that job. Do it!

Also add if you dare to believe my list of five needs corrections…


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