South Shore Dress Code

May 18, 2009 at 4:37 am | Posted in OhMidge Advice | 3 Comments

So Evan was out here in LA last week and when we were hanging out, he introduced me to his extra hip friend named Louise. So Louise is from Marshfield and I’m from Pembroke so we had a lot to talk about. One thing we decided needed some attention was the South Shore dress code that evidently, through Mr. Webber’s outfit, is still in effect.

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We realize that back in 1999, if you didn’t shop at American Eagle you were out of the game. It was impossible to be cool and not have a navy blue eagle adorning something on your clothing. That was fun for a while but it seems that the good ole boys from our area didn’t get the memo – “You don’t need to wear that stuff anymore.”

It’s cute and we have some of the most handsome men in the country from Mass but really, you guys can wear more than button down collared shirts and khaki pants or loose jeans you know. There are all types of clothing available and all types of stores. You have the option of not shopping solely at Gap and Old Navy or American Eagle.

There’s a big world out there fellas. I will love you whether you break the uniform code or not, but I felt like someone should say something.

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Subjects: Some of the best stock the South Shore ever raised. I love you!



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  1. Ah yes! And don’t forget that the khakis will always be worn with some form of white athletic sneaker. Add slightly worn brown leather wallet to the back or cargo pocket. Complete the entire ensemble with slightly bunched up boxer SHORTS peaking out of the just oversized waist of said pants. Add arm candy: Girl with slightly curled hair in a forever 21 dress, wearing a thong (also a staple of the 90s) and flip flops. Bonus points for anything Vera Bradley. I LOVE NEW ENGLAND.

  2. I forgot to add: How does Marshalls stay in business even during the recession? Gentlemen and their mothers from New England. They purchase white undershirts in quantities usually reserved for discussing population trends.

  3. Will you take me shopping so i can be hip? I was actually hoping to switch trends from AE to Ed Hardy or Affliction t-shirts cuz those are the shit hahah JK

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