Oh Midge is a personal advice column for men, women, and children all over the world. We encourage people from all backgrounds to present their problems, questions, and input. All responses are thought over carefully and ethically, and researched if necessary. Of course, all advice is completely free.

In order to get your advice, send whatever personal issue or question you having in an email to:


You can also just ask your question on the Advice page and we’ll go over it and put it in the blog section once we’ve got your answer.

Soon thereafter, your question and our advice for you will be posted on the OhMidge® blog.

*** We respect your privacy. Your email and identity will never be made public or given to third parties.

Please remember to sign your email with whatever name you wish to appear on the blog and also your location. If you do not sign your email, we will come up with a name for you.

Once advice has been posted, the public is encouraged to offer their own input.


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