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March 10, 2008 at 2:15 pm | Posted in OhMidge Advice | 2 Comments

Dear Oh Midge,My lizard Kyle has been lost for 4 days. I let him out to play for a bit and then I couldn’t find him. I don’t know where he is but I know hes in my house somewhere. How should I get him to come out? My cat has had to stay in the bathroom because we don’t want her to eat him.Minnesota EricKyle_________________________________________________________

My Dear Eric,
Because lizards are cold blooded, they need to stay relatively warm. So since you’re living in a state that’s pretty cold right now, we need to act fast! Hopefully, there’s no way Kyle can get outside, and that he’s just hiding somewhere in your house right now. Check all the places in your home that are warm. Perhaps behind the stove, refrigerator, and dryer. Check the couch, pillows, and blankets. Also make sure to pick up your room. Lizards love to sleep in bunched up t-shirts and other things like that.
If you’ve checked all of these places, then I think it’s time to let your cat out of the bathroom. You can use your cat as a detective and just follow him or her around. Cat’s have a good sense of smell and if they smell something interesting, like poor Kyle, then they won’t stop until they have found it. Just keep close to your cat so that when they do catch up to Kyle, you can rescue him before the cat does!
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